Northern Tablelands
Orienteering Club
Armidale, NSW, Australia

NTOC has created a number of permanent orienteering courses within easy reach of Armidale.

The first of these was a course with physical markers at Dumaresq Dam. Although most of the markers are still in existence, the course has been superseded by a virtual course using the MapRun smart phone app.

Several other virtual courses have also been created as detailed below. For details on how install and use the app see here.

Available courses

 Venue Start location Distance from Armidale Navigation Course Length Map
Dumaresq Dam Picnic area

10 km

Easy 2.7 km Download
Armidale Pine Forest Charleston Willows entrance 5 km Easy 3.4 km Download
Imbota Nature Reserve Long Swamp Road entrance 6 km Easy 3.9 km Download
Moderate 4.4 km Download
Hard 5.4 km Download


Note: Course lengths are straight line distances

Course navigation standards


All the controls are on or close to tracks or other "handrail" features. Although there are some options to leave the tracks and go cross country, this is not always recommended as long grass and bushy vegetation can impede progress.

A compass is not essential but could be helpful.


Controls are a bit further from tracks and there is more route choice.


Controls are usually on small point features as far as possible from tracks and there is even greater route choice.

Next club event

Sunday Aug 11, 2024

Sunnyside TSR

Starts: 10:00-12:00

Course close: 14:00

Nathan Jeffrey 0476 514 775

Please note: dogs are not permitted at this event.