Northern Tablelands
Orienteering Club
Armidale, NSW, Australia
Do I have to be able to run?

No. Orienteering can be done quickly (you get lost faster that way!) or slowly. Many people walk and, at times, do better than those who go quickly and don’t concentrate on their navigation.

Do I need a compass?

Only for the more difficult courses. Orienteering is first and foremost about reading information from maps and navigating using that information.

I can’t read maps!

You will be surprised how easy it is once you have tried a few beginners courses. If you have ever been criticised for rotating a street directory in the car don’t worry - that is correct procedure when reading orienteering maps.

Do I need special footwear?

No, any footwear suitable for walking in the bush is fine.

Do I have to join a club?

No. You can turn-up at any event without being a club member. Entry fees are cheaper in the long run if you join the club.

Are there special events for beginners

Sometimes the club has a "Come and Try It" event but nearly all events have a beginners (blue) course. If you ask at the event for help there is always someone willing to explain what to do - your biggest problem will be getting them to shut up! Events held in town are very "user friendly" and an easy way to get started.

What orienteering is there outside of the Armidale region?

An event is held in the Tamworth region once a year. There are regular events in all capital cities and many major centres. The closest ones to Armidale are generally in the Stanthorpe region in Queensland and the Newcastle area in New South Wales. Several local orienteers travel to many of these events.

What about orienteering overseas?

There are orienteering events held all around the world. If you are travelling it is a great way of seeing parts of the world you will never see as an ordinary tourist.

Are there different types of orienteering?

While orienteering in Armidale is done on foot, elsewhere orienteering can be done on mountain bikes and skis.

Next club event

Sunday Jul 14, 2024

23km West of Armidale off Bundarra Road.

Starts: 10:00-12:00

Course close: 14:00

Alex Eberli 0428580579

Please note: dogs are not permitted at this event.