The Orienteering Club has colour maps of the vast majority of publicly accessible forested areas (and some private properties) in and around Armidale. Maps are computer drawn to international orienteering standards. Scales are generally 1:7500, 1:10000 or 1:15000. The maps are highly detailed and include contours, some vegetation, man-made features, watercourses, dams, termite mounds and boulders. The maps are orientated to magnetic north. They are a vast improvement on the government topographic maps.

Copies of maps are available from the club. Typical users of the maps include researchers, bushwalkers, community groups and schools who wish to run their own events. Contact the club if you would like to obtain a copy of a particular map.

Maps available include:
Archery Range (off Rockvale Road)
Armidale Pine Forest
Attunga State Forest (black& white) (Manilla Road out of Tamworth)
Avondale State Forest (well out and off the Rockvale Road)
Blue Hole (Gara Gorge)
Bakers Creek TSR (Travelling Stock Reserve - on the Grafton Road)
Boorolong Nature Reserve (off Toms Gully Road)
Dangars Falls
Dumaresq Dam
Drummond Park (in town)
Four Mile Creek TSR (on the Grafton Road)
Galloway (in town)
Imbota Nature Reserve (previously Eastwood State Forest)
Gara Dam TSR (on the Grafton Road)
Gara Falls (Blue Hole)
Long Point National Park (Long Point Road, out of Hillgrove)
Milsons Bridge (on Bundarra Road)
Moonbi Hill (2nd) TSR
Moran Oval (in town)
Mount Duval (private property)
Newholme - UNE research property, various maps (private property)
Newling Playing Fields (in town)
Sunnyside Road TSR (North along the New England Highway)
University of New England
Wallamara (private property)
Yina Nature Reserve (was Hillgrove Creek State Foest)
Yooroonah State Forest (on the Grafton Road)